7 Social Ways to Help Your Agent Sell Your Home

You need to sell your home, and you’ve hired a realtor to help you with the process. They are experts in all things home selling, but there are things you can do to to help them out that may also help your home sell more quickly.

Social media is being used more and more by realtors to get the word out about homes for sale and to find new clients. Because social media is, well, social, it works better when you engage with your realtor’s social media accounts. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Follow your realtor’s social media accounts. If you can’t seem to find them yourself, ask your realtor for links.
  • On each platform, look through your realtor’s posts and like or share some of them.
  • Asking your friends and followers to follow the realtor’s social media accounts as a favor to you can also pack a huge punch.
  • As new posts from your realtor show up in your stream, like or reshare them, as appropriate.
  • Ask your realtor if they can Promote your listing on social media on your behalf. They may ask you to pay the advertising fee, which can be as low as a few dollars per day per platform if the ad is targeted properly.
  • Make sure that any scheduled Open House events get attention a few days before each event. If you’re using Facebook, have your realtor create a public event for you to boost.
  • If you aren’t currently living in the home that is for sale, share a link to the listing and ask your friends to share it, too. If you are still living in your home, go for security through obscurity: make a habit of posting links to local listings you like on a regular basis, and include yours in the mix a few posts in.

All that liking and sharing can have a huge impact. Any time you click that “like” button, your friends and followers may see it in their stream. Sharing does the but increases the chances that it will be seen. Plus, with sharing, you can add your own comments! If you’re using Twitter and you retweet something with your own comments added, make sure you also do a raw retweet of the original.

What if your realtor isn’t actively maintaining their social media? Short of asking them to make some posts for you to share or finding a different agent, about the only thing you can do is self-promote the listing.

Once your home sale is complete, be sure to make a post thanking the agent for all their hard work, and maybe also send them a written testimonial. By doing this, you not only help your agent, but you help future home sellers with their home sales.

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